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How To Prevent Rashes in Babies

Tips to prevent rashes in babies

Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 babies suffer from diaper rash because of harsh summer. Summer causes extra sweating, and thanks to the usage of non-breathable diapers, the sweating causes rashes as well as a yeast infection in babies.We thought to list down important 6 ways to prevent rashes. Please do extra care, temperature rise means […]

How to use Kindermum Shell as reusable Swim Diaper?

reuseable swim diaper

What are reusable swim diapers? Ans- Swim Diapers are such diapers which can be used while in swimming pool. These diapers are reusable meaning wash and reuse multiple times (more than 500-600). Will the swim diapers hold pee and potty? Ans- No,  swim diapers cannot hold any pee . Swim diapers can only hold solid […]

Science of Doing Laundry for Cloth Diapering!

how to wash cloth diapers

“Science of Doing Laundry” means How cloth diapers should be cleaned?  Basic questions are – type of water “hot” or “cold”?which detergent to be used? What should be quantity of detergent? Washing cloth diapers is different and easy than washing any other clothes only thing is – you should know is science of doing laundry.“Lets […]

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