How To Prevent Rashes in Babies

Tips to prevent rashes in babies

Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 babies suffer from diaper rash because of harsh summer. Summer causes extra sweating, and thanks to the usage of non-breathable diapers, the sweating causes rashes as well as a yeast infection in babies.
We thought to list down important 6 ways to prevent rashes. Please do extra care, temperature rise means higher the chances of rash occurrence.

1) Change the Diaper Frequently: Rashes occur because of prolonged use of wet diapers. Change the diapers every 4 hours, irrespective of the diaper type you are using.

2 ) Avoid Wipes: Mostly the baby wipes contain alcohol and scent, which increases the chances of rashes. Clean baby’s bum with a cloth or water-based wipes or cotton balls with warm water after every diaper change. This would definitely help to avoid yeast infection in babies as well.

3) Choose Cloth Diaper: It is important to keep the bum area dry, and hence pick more breathable options such as cloth diapers for lil one. Cloth diapers allow air to pass through and resist water to come out. It is the perfect diapering option for nighttime as well.

4) Washing: If you are using cloth diapers, it is important to wash them thoroughly in full machine cyle with recommended detergent for cloth diapers. Moreover, it is important to wash babies’ nappies and unders, rinse it properly, to remove all the residuals of detergent.

5) Mosturize: Don’t miss out to moisturize baby’s skin after every diaper change with coconut oil or aloe vera gel, and don’t use the diaper for at least 10 mins till it is completely soaked by the skin.

6) Diaper Free time: Thought mentioned at the end, diaper-free time is essential in every stage of the baby. It can be a little messy. But to understand the need for an hour, do check out the range of padded nappies and padded underwear to make this essential phase less messy.

So, we would suggest to – clean, moisturizing, and followed by diaper-free time, between every diaper change, to avoid diaper rashes in summer.

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