How to use Kindermum Shell as reusable Swim Diaper?

reuseable swim diaper

What are reusable swim diapers?

Ans- Swim Diapers are such diapers which can be used while in swimming pool. These diapers are reusable meaning wash and reuse multiple times (more than 500-600).

Will the swim diapers hold pee and potty?

Ans- No,  swim diapers cannot hold any pee . Swim diapers can only hold solid waste – poop. Kindermum diaper’s outer layer are made of PUL and inside it’s lined with fleece, which can contain solid waste.

What age babies can wear swim diapers??

Ans- Babies weighing 5 kgs upto 15kgs can use this swim diaper, ie. From 3-4 months to 3-4 years!

Do we have to keep on buying as baby grows?

Ans- No Kindermum diapers are One Size reusable swim diapers, can be resized according to the baby’s weight. Kindermum diaper shell can be resized from baby weight 5 kgs to15 kgs.

How to wash these diapers?

Ans- Washing this diapers is an easy job.

If baby has done potty in this, we need to rinse out into the toilet, and then can be washed in washing machine.

Do I need to use inserts with my reusable swim diapers?

Ans- Absolutely not. If inserts are used with swim diapers, the inserts will start soaking water as much as possible as soon as baby steps into water. Resulting into weighing down the baby .

Why do I use reusable swim diapers instead of disposable diapers?

Ans-  Disposable diapers are not biodegradable. It’s takes about 500 + years  to decompose one diaper.  By using reusable diapers we can Save our Mother Earth from filling up with plastics and chemicals. Also reusable diapers are economical as it can be reused 500+ times, from the baby is 3 months old to around potty trained same diapers can be used. Reusable diapers are also gentle to baby skin as they are chemical free.

Why Kindermum swim diapers??

Ans- Easy snapping system and easy resizing- Kindermum diapers are easy to snap ensures that these diapers fit most babies from newborn to toddler (ie 5kgs to 15 kgs). Easy to resize diapers as and when baby grows!! These diapers dry fast. Kindermum swim diapers comes with cute prints making it more attractive.

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