Science of Doing Laundry for Cloth Diapering!

how to wash cloth diapers

“Science of Doing Laundry” means How cloth diapers should be cleaned? 

Basic questions are – type of water “hot” or “cold”?which detergent to be used? What should be quantity of detergent?

Washing cloth diapers is different and easy than washing any other clothes only thing is – you should know is science of doing laundry.
“Lets take a look on basic wash routine of Kindermum Cloth Diaper”.
A simple and basic wash routine is totally fine!

1st Step – Pre-wash – “Cold Water” Wash:- 
Rinse! Dirty diaper should be run through a cold wash cycle to eliminate as much minerals out of your fabrics and to avoid stains to settle on fabric.

2nd Step : Soak“Detergent + Warm Water”:- 
Soak! Dirty diapers need to be dissolve in Detergent +Warm water for 10- 15 min. Soaking will lift out dirt from fabric and wash it away.

3rd Step : Main Wash cycle :-
Main wash ! Toss the Kindermum Cloth diapers, in washing machine with other clothes or hand-wash them, with proper agitation andrinse in water, till you see no water bubbles from soap residues.

Factors that affect cloth diaper wash routine:
1) Water Type
This play vital role in washing your cloth diapers. As a general rule, those with hard water should use more detergent than those with soft water. Overall, you don’t need to worry much about this, unless you have extremely hard water.

2) Detergent
 You can almost use any detergent for cloth diaper that you get at grocery store and which is right for your family. No need to buy expensive baby detergent here!
Please make sure, they do not have softeners or fragrance additives. We would suggest Surf Excel Easy Wash, Tide Original.

3) Quantity of Water
Diapers are thicker than usual cloths hence to clean them it’s important to have enough water to cover diapers fully to clean them. In case of diapers dirt is not on surface but it is also clings inside the fabric hence only water is the way to thoroughly wash diaper inside out.

4) Agitation
Agitation is very important component of any good wash routine. You can do this by hand or by putting diapers in machine.The diapers needs to rub against one another while agitating. Rubbing while agitating makes sure that excess dirt is removed and diapers are fresh as new. No Brush needs to be applied.

5) Drying
You can hang wet diapers out to sun dry, the rays from sun bleach out any stains. You can also spin dry them in the dryer but at low RPM.

Hope this article will help you to solve your queries about – ‘How to wash cloth diapers’ .

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